What is coppicing? Coppicing involves the routine cutting of small diameter rods in rotation and the management of the subsequent multiple stems that regrow. The period between cutting will vary depending on the species and the end use of the rods and poles. Read more

Why is coppicing important ? Coppicing is considered by many to be the most sustainable method of woodland management that has been practiced in the UK for thousands of years. The system is very productive which creates a variety of conditions suited to a wide range of species that cannot thrive in undermanaged woodlands.

The majority of coppice woodlands have been lost to the plough or converted to plantation forestry, an estimated 90% reduction since the middle of the last century.The deterioration in both quantity and quality of coppice management has lead unsurprisingly to a substantial loss of associated species. Read more

What can you do ? Coppice workers continue the tradition of coppice management maintaining the link between the local landscape and the needs of local people. By sourcing coppice products locally you help maintain the demand for coppice management in your local area helping to preserve many ancient woodlands and the species that thrive there.  Read more