Griffin horse logging is a small family  business. We start coppicing in the Autumn usually with The Hazel first, which we cut down collect and put into bundles ready for sale, pea sticks and beans stick canes.  Also we sell it for faggots, binders and the larger bits for posts. Also we make hurdles too which are made to order any size. When the hazel is done it’s time to start on the Oak and Ash trees. We hallo thin the Target trees to allow the crown growth. Then we fell some of the Oaks and Ash  to let light in. Logs and the coppicing bundles are then extracted by my two horses which is more environmentally friendly and easier through the woodland paths. The Hazel is then stored ready for sale the trees are cut into Logs and seasoned ready to sell for wood burners, fires, outside hot tubs and fire pits. We use every bit of wood, we make our own oak lump wood charcoal which is made on site old fashioned way by cooking it, no chemicals are added, ideal for BBQ, less smoke food tastes so much better. Also from oak & ash we sell planks. Thank you

we also do hedge laying tree planting


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