Pyrography is the wonderful art of ‘writing with fire’ and I have been ‘burning’ for more that 12 years now after having fallen in love with this delightful art form that I first saw at a craft fair many years ago.

I was taught the basic techniques of wood burning from a wonderful teacher in South Wales and with this and my love of nature, I have gone on to produce some beautiful and individual pieces of art on a stunning range of British woods.

I like to attend and demonstrate pyrography at Craft shows and wood fairs across East Anglia and sometimes back in Dorset/Somerset and like to support local crafts people.

All the artwork in the galleries on my website are original pieces of pyrography done by hand. The images are drawn onto the wood and then the outline, details and shading are then all burnt in slowly – some are also then individually hand painted to add a ‘pop’ of colour. Inspiration for the artwork comes from a wide range of places including my own photography. Any image can be drawn and painted again onto another unique slice of wood, but no two pieces will ever be exactly the same.





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