I am a full time professional Coppicer and Hedge layer.

My team and I primarily cut and restore semi ancient Hazel woodland for Shooting Estates and Conservation organisations. We cover, Wiltshire, Dorset and some of Hampshire.

There are Foresters who look after the lofty trees you see in Woodland and there are Under Woodsman who look after the Understory including Hedgerow trees. These are the some times neglected lower tree’s in a Woodland or Hedge. Historically Coppice was cut by rotation (7 -22 Years depending on type of wood) to provide materials to make traditional woodland products. Hurdles for ‘folding sheep‘ across the downs, Charcoal etc.  I work closely with private land owners and organisations such as the Forestry Commission and the AONB. Some times to restore derelict or neglected Coppice for Conservation value and other times managing the Woodlands and Coppice for shooting estates.

We like to make things from the material we cut, Winterfell Hazel and Sweet Chestnut.
We make a selection of Traditional and bespoke products.

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