About the Directory

The Coppice Products directory and website were launched in 2012 with the primary purpose of helping buyers find high quality, locally sourced, sustainable coppice products, and to help them find producers (‘makers’) that meet their needs. Its primary aim continues to be just that; helping customers find makers.


Using this website you can find coppice products and find producers (‘makers’).


Can’t find what you want?

After searching the Coppice Products directory or indeed contacting a maker, if you still cannot find what you need, then we recommend contacting your local coppice group; details here.


Additional Objectives of the Coppice Products website

  • Promote the sale of good quality UK coppice products

  • Promote coppice workers and craft persons committed to sustainable active woodland management

  • Support raising awareness of coppice management for the multiple benefits it brings to the environment, wildlife, people, and the economy

  • Support raising awareness of the need to transition to a low carbon society, by promoting products from a renewable resource supplied local to its production

  • Support raising awareness of the importance of a rural economy and land-based employment

  • Support raising awareness of the promotion of protecting and enhancing the national coppice resource.


Joint Initiative

The Coppice Products website is a joint initiative between the Small Woods Association and the National Coppice Federation (NCFed). Both are UK woodland charities committed to promoting coppicing and sustainable woodland management.